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maanantai, syyskuu 16th, 2013

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maanantai, syyskuu 9th, 2013

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Hurraa! Siniset saappaat -sarjakuva syyskuun ajan Ilta-Sanomissa.

perjantai, elokuu 30th, 2013

Blue Boots comic will be published in Ilta-Sanomat during Septemper. Super!

Save Radio Helsinki!

perjantai, elokuu 2nd, 2013

O Blue Boots, Where Art Thou?

torstai, elokuu 1st, 2013

Siniset Saappaat – Blue Boots

torstai, toukokuu 16th, 2013

From now on this comic is called: Blue Boots

Wonders of nature

torstai, tammikuu 31st, 2013

1. Oh, so tiny, so little. 2. Flora and fauna, so astonishing.


tiistai, tammikuu 29th, 2013

1. If house plants could speak, what would they say? 2. And another one, please!

Blue suede shoes II

perjantai, tammikuu 18th, 2013

1. Water-resistant. 2. Raises questions. 3. Gets a grip on a dancefloor.

Blue suede shoes I

perjantai, tammikuu 18th, 2013

1. Suede. Wooden soles. 2. Comfort fit. Well-worn. 3. My way.


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maanantai, tammikuu 14th, 2013

Which one would be worse, a gout or a sciatica? A falling airplane or a sinking ship? Warm milk or a jelly made out of rowan berries?


perjantai, tammikuu 11th, 2013

I could easily become a kakadu, if I’d only have that crest. Enjoying warm climate, squawking loudly and bleaching my hair wouldn’t be a problem.


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torstai, joulukuu 27th, 2012

Kumman maailma on ylösalaisin? Whose world is upside down anyway?


keskiviikko, joulukuu 26th, 2012

Some finnish christmas carrols have especially jolly, merry and happy lyrics. Have a happy holidays while You can!


torstai, joulukuu 20th, 2012

How come it doesn’t rain candy instead?